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Best bitcoin cash casino

Bitcoin cash is more secure, faster, and has cheaper transactions fees which makes it a better choice for online gaming.

You can play with your friends in just seconds without waiting hours for confirmations to go through or paying high transaction fees. It’s the perfect way to gamble!

What are the benefits of a bitcoin cash casino?

All the benefits of a bitcoin cash casino can be summed up in three words: transparency, security, and speed.

For instance, to play at an online casino you normally have to create an account and deposit your money into that account. Then whenever you want to withdraw your winnings it takes about 1-2 days for them to show up on your account after your withdrawal is confirmed.

With bitcoin cash, you essentially deposit money directly from your wallet to the casino’s wallet, and every hour or so it will send the money to your wallet (it may take a few hours for confirmation). You can literally be in and out of an online casino within seconds with no need to create an account.

How does Bitcoin Cash improve transaction times?

The average block time for Bitcoin Cash is about every 10 minutes compared to 1 hour for bitcoin. Every time a new block is created it has all the transactions that have occurred in the last 10 minutes, hence why it’s faster.

Every transaction using bitcoin cash costs less than one-tenth of a penny while transaction fees are more expensive on bitcoin due to the ever-rising price.

Why is Bitcoin Cash better for online gambling?

All transactions on the bitcoin cash network are much less expensive than what you would pay using its predecessor, and there’s no need to wait for 3-6 confirmations every time you want to gamble!

  • Save money by using Bitcoin Cash for online gambling
  • Open a new tab and start playing right away waiting or paying high fees
  • Experience the most fun social casino games on the Internet!

In 2017, the bitcoin network is so congested with transactions that it can take hours for a transaction to go through. Even worse, transaction fees have skyrocketed from fractions of a cent to several dollars!

Is it safe to gamble on a bitcoin cash casino site?

All transactions on the bitcoin cash blockchain are verified by miners. This makes it just as safe to gamble online using bitcoin cash as it is using any other cryptocurrencies!

Does anyone know any good sports betting sites that accept Bitcoin Cash as the payment method?

In your search for good sports betting sites, you should keep in mind that not all bitcoin cash casinos have access to gambling.

Not all casinos accept BCH and not all bitcoin cash wallets let you make bets with it, so make sure to check both before getting started.


Bitcoin cash is a decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cryptocurrency that was created by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2009. Bitcoin cash has all the benefits of bitcoin, but with lower transaction fees and faster transactions times which makes it perfect for online gambling! Although not every casino accepts BCH as payment, there are still plenty out there who do.